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CVN Course Guide


This guide will give you an overview of how to create a successful and engaging short online course using design principles and best practices.


The CVN team will assist you every step of the way, from design and recording to launching your course. 



This guide applies to the following 3 types of short online courses:

  1. Introductory course (Fundamentals. Audience: Engineers from a different field or first or second-year undergraduate students or first semester Master's students).

  2. Advanced course (Deep dive. Audience: Seniors or advanced Master's students or Doctoral students).

  3. Executive Education or Overview Course  (High-level content. Audience: Mid to senior level executives; undergraduate, Master’s or doctoral students interested in a broad overview of a topic).

Design Sketch Desktop


In this presentation we will go over video production techniques, hardware, software and tips to give you the tools to record videos at home.

The CVN Production Team will work with you to identify your teaching preferences and come up with a solution to be able to record quality videos at home.

Film Slate Marker


Here you can find design and recording templates and guides, as well as all the different resources that we've gathered from across Columbia and the wider online community.

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