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Recording Tips
  • Turn off all electronics that might interrupt your narration (cellphones, email notifications, etc.)

  •  Be animated and smile while talking

  • Have plenty of liquids available. Keep your vocal cords hydrated with clear, room temperature liquids (avoid coffee, carbonated beverages, and milk products). Have some throat lozenges handy, and take breaks if your voice starts to feel strained.

  • Don’t forget to breathe... But pay attention to your breathing. Loud inhaling or exhaling sounds are irritating for the listener, though subtle natural breaths are okay.

  • Got a cold? Take a break. Your “sick voice” will be hard to reproduce if you need to redo narration later.

  • Slow down and take breaks! Remember to go slowly. Plan to take breaks between each 5-10 minute segment.

  • Remember to upload each of your segments to the CVN Google Drive! 

What To Wear
  • Dark, solid colors work best (blues, grays and earth tones).

  • Avoid wearing white or any color that might potentially look too washed out.

  • Do not wear shirts with logos.

  • Avoid bright colors or patterns / checks / stripes / corduroy.

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